Cherries on green leaves - lighting setup

I’ve just received my new umbrella softbox 60x90 cm. I decided to try it immediately in action. And I took one picture using a very simple setup.

Fortunately, I had a nice object for shooting - my neighbors just gave me a branch of fresh cherries.

I wanted to create the illusion that the picture was taken on a cloudy day outdoor.

So, I put the branch on the worktable in my kitchen. I inserted the speedlight inside the softbox, that was installed right above the branch and pointed directly to the cherries. I moved the softbox so close to the branch as was possible (just to have enough space for the lens).

And all I had to do – just press the shutter release button.

I am pleased with the result. It is a good demonstration of the fact that you can get great pictures using just simple speedlights at your home.


Technical details

I used a speedlight Yongnuo YN-560 III and the power was 1/8. To trigger and remotely control the speedlight, I used transmitter Yongnuo YN560-TX.

The camera’s settings were: aperture - f/13 and shutter speed - 1/250 sec. with ISO 100.

Used camera - Nikon D7000 and the lens was AF-S Nikkor Micro 60mm.


Lighting setup

Lighting setup

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